Give your patients the gift of time.

Genetic advances give hope to patients. Trials are complex and burdensome. Protocol First offers next-gen EDC for higher quality data, faster.

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The speed you need

Clinical Research is a constant race against time. Protocol First is the Next-Gen EDC platform, offering the world’s first fully integrated solution from EHR-EDC-SDTM, yielding 100% clean data reducing Site Burden and need for SDV. The entire platform yields improved data quality, faster.

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Protocol First is also the first company to offer a standalone solution or one that integrates with your current eClinical platform. Our mission is to improve your productivity and improve data quality.

  • EHR Data Acquisition: allows current CDMS systems to integrate data acquired from EHR through Protocol First.
  • Dynamic Scheduling: allows the trial schedule to be queried via web services by other eClinical applications (e.g. EDC, CTMS, eTMF, eCOA, ePRO, IXRS/RTSM).

Track record

Protocol First was selected to support today’s arguably most complex oncology program: Beat AML Master Trial Initiative. Every day, world-class sponsors, CROs and clinical sites leverage Protocol First for better data, faster with reduced site burden and remote monitoring.

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Selected by the Beat AML Program

World’s first EHR data acquisition

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ehr sdtm

Full system built within 5 Days. Max.

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data entry

2 Days


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A system that connects site EHR direct to EDC and then straight to SDTM. This can give you more efficiency, more productivity, more reliability; getting to clean data faster and easier.

Of course this will save you time but most of all this allows you to give the gift of time. Saving valuable time in clinical trials that ultimately can give time back to the people who need it most… the patients. Protocol First is the next step in the future of Clinical Trial data.